The Oxford Clock Company
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Oxford Antique Clock Restoration & Repair

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The Oxford Clock Company is a well established studio/workshop carrying out ethical Restoration, Repairs and Conservation of fine antique clocks and horological items.

We specialise in English Longcase and Bracket clocks by such masters as Thomas Tompion, the Knibb family, George Graham and Danial Quare etc from the late 17th century and other makers through to the end of the 19th century. In addition we look after clocks by foremost French makers such as Breguet, Janvier and Le Roy from Precision Regulators to Mantle clocks and Carriage clocks.

We work for Private clients as well as, Banks, Museums, Historic Houses and Oxford Colleges.

We have close contact with many Horological Institutions and Collections for research purposes in addition to our own substantial reference library.

In addition to Restoration and Conservation we are also specialists in all aspects of antique clock repair, maintenance and case restoration.